MP3 Cutter Tutorial

Learn How To Use MP3 Cutter to Cut MP3 Music

Step 1 - Download MP3 Cutter

Download MP3 Cutter from the official download page:
OR download from the direct installation link:

Step 2 - Installation

Double click on the downloaded file mp3cutter.exe to start installation, which is fast and requires no knowledge. After installation, run it you will see the user interface below.

MP3 Cutter

Step 3 - Open a MP3 File

You can click on Open button to open a MP3 audio file. Other popular formats like WMA, WAV, FLAC, MP4, AVI, MPG and WMV etc. are also supported.

Step 4 - Cut Music

At the left bottom field, click on Play button to play the music. Then use Start Position/End Position button to select the section you want to cut.

Step 5 - Save to a New MP3

Click on the biggest Save button to save the cut music to a new MP3 file or other audio formats.

mp3 cutter